ViSoft360 step by step

ViSoft360 is a platform where users can share their designs. Directly from the media browser in ViSoft premium, upload your images and panoramas to your own ViSoft360 environment. Your customers can view the designs in their internet browser or with the free ViSoft360-app for smartphones and tablets. You can also display designs on your website.

Read here how to create images, videos and panoramas of your project.

How to upload, publish and share a panorama (and other media)

Step 1: Open menu View | Advanced to create a panorama. Select the center viewpoint and press the button Save panorama (right menu). Fill in the details.

Step 2: Open the Media Browser (use button right menu), select the created panorama and click Publish on ViSoft 360.

Step 3: A new window opens, fill in the information of your project. Create a new album for your 360-environment if desired. Press upload.

Step 4: The ViSoft360 browser opens. Change the preview if you like, and select the Privacy settings. Press Save.

Step 5: Open the tab Share it. The option Email sends out a standard ViSoft-360 mail where you can type your own message. If you prefer to use your company email address, copy the link in your own email message to the customer. Or you can copy the PIN / QR-code if the customer uses the ViSoft 360 app. The app is free for download: iTunes or Google play store.

Registreren op ViSoft 360

A ViSoft-User needs to register for a ViSoft360 account to get access.
Go to and open sign in page in the upper menubar. Click Sign up under the sign in button. Register and you can start uploading!


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