Built-in Bathtubs

In this article is explained how to build in straight and round bathtubs, using the sanitary mural function or doing it manually using murals.

Built-in bath using the sanitary mural function
Manually build-in bath with block
Built-in round shaped bath using the sanitary mural function
Round freestanding bath built in a block 

NOTE THAT: Not all baths are placed correctly with the sanitary mural function, depending on the 3D model. It can happen that there is a small gap between the bath and wall, causing errors in the tiling plan (tiles will be placed in the gap). Check in Wall-view if the mural of the bath is placed against the wall, it will be shaded in grey. If not, you will have to draw a mural manually. See under second heading.

Bath is shaded in grey, indicating it’s placed against the wall
Placing a built-in bath with the sanitary mural function

Choose the bath you want to build-in in the sanitary browser. Adjust the mural height and size where necessary, so that the bath fits nicely.

Press Ok to place the mural. You can double-click to move the bath. If you wish to edit the mural freely, you need to ungroup the mural and bath. The free construction options will then be available.

Manually build-in bath with block

First, place the bath in the room. Go to menu Room | Mural to place a block.

Doubleclick on the block, use the white rectangles to drag the block to the correct size. Set the height of the mural a couple of centimetres lower as the height of the bath.

Go back to menu Sani and press the button Cut out filling to remove the mural inside the bath. The mural is ready to be tiled now!  

Built-in round bath using the sanitary mural function

Open the sanitary browser and place a round-shaped bath. Press the sanitary mural in menu Sani. Choose for a smooth shape. Pay the attention to segment length, this is important for the tiling.

Go to menu Tile | Place | Tiles and select tile you want to use. Go to mural view and use the button mural faces to place the tiles on the bath mural. In the image below you can see the tiling is a bit off.

To solve this, add or delete segmentation points. Go to menu Room | Mural. Open the explorer on the left side. Ungroup the bath and mural. Go to floor sight and double-click on the mural to open the free construction options. Now you can add or remove segmentation nodes. Select a node to remove, or select a line to add a node.

Round freestanding bath built in a block

Place a round bath, in the example below a bath from the Vitra – Istanbul serie is used.

Place a block until the centre of the bath.

Right click on the block and select convert into free mural.

Select the button line. Add two nodes en place them on the outer bath frame.

Select the line between the two nodes. Click on to arc. Drag the arc in the opposite direction, until it flips inwards.  

Place the arc against the bath frame.

The mural can be tiled.

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