Drawing Layers

Open the layers menu by clicking the button Drawing layers in the lower taskbar. Depending on the menu (tile, sanitary, output…), you can (dis)enable layers for the working area.

Drawing layer in menu Sanitary
Drawing layers in menu Tile
Drawing layer in in 3D-view
Parallel Projection

Parallel projection enables you to further customize the appearance of 2D-view. Reflection and shadows can be shown too.

Clipping distance

With this function, you can define the depth of the projection plane. This means you decide up to which distance to the selected wall or mural objects will be shown. Standard setting is Auto which means ViSoft automatically calculates which objects are visible. If you want to make further away objects visible, deactivate the auto function and enter the distance. The bigger the distance the more objects you see. Settings for the clipping distance have to be set individually for every plan.

Parallel projection is off
Parallel projection with automatic clipping distance

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