Save a mural as sanitary object

Murals can be used to create a furniture piece with washbasin. When you have designed your own sanitary object with murals, you can save it in your own database in the sanitary browser. Skip steps 1 to 3 if you have your mural object ready.

Step 1

Place a block with the following properties:
Width: 50 cm
Thickness: 120 cm
Height: 10 cm
Mounting height: 60 cm

Step 2

Draw a free hole on the block. Set the grid on 1 cm so you can accurately draw the opening. Set the depth of the hollow at 8cm, to create a bottom of 2 cm.

Step 3

Rightclick on the mural and select Save to library or Save to custom database. When you choose the latter, the object is saved without properties in the sanitary database under .custom objects > default. You can copy the object to another serie and edit the properties (from context menu). If you choose to save to library, the window Save Custom Mural opens. Click on the export to file… button and save the ViSoft3D-file on your computer. Press cancel.

Step 5

Open the sanitary browser. Open a serie from the .Custom objects database.
Rightclick > Add object. Fill in the properties, like the mounting height and mounting pivot.
Pivot = 0: bottom, Pivot = 1: Top, Pivot = 0.5 the heart.

In the article Edit objects you can read how to change the material and geometry of a custom object.

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