Background project: sky, image or 360-photo

In ViSoft it is possible to change the surrounding of the project to a cloudy sky, a photo, or even a 360-spherical image.

Go to menu View | Light | Sun and sky. Look under Sky properties to change the style of the background. Disable sky (same as inside lights). Use the dropdown menu from Sky to choose a sunny, cloudy or even a stormy sky.

It is also possible to import your own environment file to use as a background. Press the import button. Select the image, give it a name and select the type in the import window. Press OK. You can use the parameters to set the image, and use Align to view: the image will adjust automatically to the current viewpoint.

foto achtergrond visualisatie visoft

360 panorama

If you want to use a 360-photo, take care it has a high resolution (8k). The rotation, saturation and horizon height can be adjusted. These spherical images are suitable for apartments with a lot of windows, to create an extra wow-factor. Adding a 360-panorama goes the same as explained above, use import and select type spherical.

Suitable 360 images can be found when you use the search term “spherical panorama” Google images. Search for a high resolution, for example, larger than 4 MP. On Viz People you can download six ‘spherical Skies’ for free.

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