How to backup ViSoft Data

Use the ViSoft Backup Tool to archive or to make a backup of your data. Make sure ViSoft Premium is closed. The BackUptool.exe can be found in the folder ViSoftCreative on a local hard disc (c:\VisoftCreative\). Archives can be made of projects, custom tiles, objects, baskets, auto boards, prices… The ZIP-files can be used to restore data.

Mark the data you want to save in the archive file and select create backup. Select a folder and archivename. The packing process can take a little while, depending on the size of the data.

To restore data, click Restore files and select the archive zip file. This could also take a while, depending on the size.

It is recommended to make a backup regularly. Best to use multiple save locations, like an external disc, NAS or the cloud.

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