Moving the Tile Library

The ViSoft with dongle installation is placed on the C: disk in the folder ViSoftCreative, including the tile and sanitary libraries.
An online license is placed on the following C:\ProgramFiles\ViSoft\ViSoftPremium and the data in C:\ProgramData\ViSoft\ViSoftPremium\.

After the installation, you can move the tile library accordingly to the following steps.

Close ViSoft Premium before starting this process.

Move the folder C:\ViSoftCreative\Tiles\Fliesen (DONGLE) or C:\ProgramData\ViSoft\ViSoftPremium\Tiles (ONLINE) to the new location of choice. For example on your D: disk create a folder Visot_Tiles. If you have all brands installed (don’t do this) the folder will be 31GB so it will take some time.

Now you have to change the path in the settings.xml file to the new location.
Locate the file in c:\ViSoftCreative\Userdata (DONGLE) or C:\ProgramData\ViSoft\ViSoftPremium\Userdata (ONLINE) and open it in notepad.

Find the line with the tiles folder:

and change it to the new path:

Attention: Don’t include the Fliesen folder in the path.

Start ViSoft and select the new location in the pop-up.

You are done!

For changing other paths read this article.

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