How to draw walls

You can choose to draw the project room manually. In ViSoft there is a distinction between walls and murals. Walls form the shell of the project: always the outer edge. Walls form the partition of the room.

Go to menu Room | Wall to begin drawing the walls. The cursor changes in a green cross. Drag the wall to an endpoint or type in the length and press enter.

TIP: always draw clockwise, so the inner and outer walls are facing the right way. If not, it causes troubles when placing tiles and roofs.

Set the angle mode to automatically draw corners in 90 degrees or free. Or keep SHIFT pressed to change modes.

To draw Round walls keep CTRL pressed.

There is no need to draw the last wall: use the button Close room. If you prefer to close it, take note the last point meets the first point to close the room correctly.

Select a wall to move it. Connecting walls are automatically adjusted to the change. This function also works after placing tiling and sanitary.

Walls can be divided. Select in floor view a wall, and select with a right mouse click Split. 

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