Creating a mansard or french roof

Draw a mansard roof or similar roof using a free mural.

Step 1

Set up the room. Select the wall where you want to place the mural in the navigation panel, and switch to wall view.

Step 2

Select in menu Room | Mural the free mural function. Draw a closing triangle. Doubleclick on the triangle to start free construction options.

Step 3

Select the diagonal line and click on the insert button (plus sign). A white bullet appears, drag it to the desired position. The other option could be to change the diagonal line to an arc or curve. Press enter to stop editing.

Step 4

Select de mural and copy – paste it. Rightclick to open the context menu and select mirror > X. Put the mural in the right corner.

Step 5

Go to floor view. Select the mural and set the thickness to the same dimension of the length of the wall.

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