Profiles on external corners

In the menu Tile | Edges you can place profiles on one or more external corners. Rightclick on the profile button to open the Profile Browser. The database of edge profiles contains data of manufacturers Schlüter and Proline. The articles are separated by base material (e.g. aluminum, stainless steel, PVC). When a product is selected available heights are shown in the list beneath. You can also select the surface material (when several materials are available).

If you place a profile on an edge, make sure that 3D tiles are shown to see the tile thickness (context menu > 3D-settings > 3D tiles).

TAKE NOTE: not all manufacturers include the tile thickness in the database, the default is 5mm.  Another issue could be that various tiles with different tile thickness are used on edges. You will have to place profiles manually.

If you use one profile on all edges, choose the Place to function from the right menu.

It is possible to place a profile in 2d or 3D-view. If the corner turns red, the edge is not right-angled.

Some profiles types can be ‘flipped’. Select the profile, open the context menu and select Change overlap type.

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