Adding a symbol legend to a Plan

There are different possibilities to add a legend to the plans of your project. In the Output | Plan menu you can add a text label with the explanation and symbols as examples.

You can also create a legend in a program such as Word or Excell. if you then take a screenshot of that legend, you can add it as an image to your plan.

If you are missing symbols you can add them yourself in;
C:\ViSoftCreative\ UserData\Output\Symbols\
Online installation (without dongle) C:\ProgramData\ViSoft\ViSoftPremium\ 

Sanitary impacts are in:
C:\ViSoftCreative\ Data \ Impacts\ Electrical 
Online installation:
C:\ Program Files \ ViSoft ViSoftPremium\Data\ Impacts \ Electrical

You can use the following image to create a legend of your own.

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