It can be useful to make tilesets for quick tiling in a project if you use the module-assistant or board-assistant. A tileset usually contains one or more basic tiles, decorations and borders, for walls, the floor, or both.

Some manufacturers included tilesets. If a series doesn’t contain any tilesets, the name is shown in a light grey color in the database. Tilesets are also being used to create auto boards (see Wallboardassistent).

Create tilesets

Open the Tile Browser. Open a serie and select a tile. Right-click and select Create tileset.

A window appears, fill in the data.

Add the other tiles in a similar way > open context menu and select add tile to tileset. You can select all the tiles with CTRL and add them all at once.
Browse to the tab Tilesets. Notice that all tiles are automatically sorted on type.

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